Port Expansion Summit for Latin America and the Caribbean

August 2nd & 3rd, 2023

 Cartagena, Colombia

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Featured Speakers
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Why attend?

Our unique format focuses on bringing together 200 of the highest executives from across the region, who are responsible for decisions at the Government, Ports, Terminals, Shipping Lines, associations, engineering, consultancies, investors, supplier companies, technology, equipment and Port management companies in order to discuss Port development and expansion in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The most Promising Port Projects and the latest technological innovations will be discussed at the summit, consolidating the efforts of governments and companies to implement Port Projects and increase the development of Ports in Latin America and the Caribbean.


What makes us different?

At the 2023 Latin American and Caribbean Hotel Expansion Summit you will find:

You will be provided an opportunity to have 1:1 personalized networking meetings with participating attendees. A member of our staff will assist you in arranging personalized one-on-one meeting with attendees of your choice.

1:1 Business Networking Meetings

Experts and officials throughout port industry will participate in case studies and group discussions that offer the most insightful analysis of relevant issues facing the port industry today. (this is reworded, the other wording isn’t directly relevant and I would change the Spanish version also)

Discussion Panels

Our comfortable and exclusive VIP Area provides a professional setting where your networking meetings can be focused, comfortable and effective. (the Spanish wording should be changed. It is redundant and not directly relevant – this is better and directly relevant)

Exclusive VIP Area for Meetings

JP Mundo events go beyond the scope of business networking. People often tell us that our events have the most distinguished speakers and the best and most relevant topics facing industry today. This, combined with case studies and meaningful analysis allow participants to leave feeling their knowledge and awareness were increased. (this is a complete rewrite also)

Educational Experience

Our Summit format includes multiple opportunities for networking. This includes casual networking like coffee and snack breaks, as well as targeted networking like our 1:1 pre-arranged meetings. Other networking opportunities exist when attending our targeted presentations or social events like our cocktail hour. Throughout the event you will experience a networking dynamic that encourages each participant to expand their professional network and contacts. (this is a complete re-write and the Spanish version should also follow this)

Networking with Ultimate Decision Makers

Breakout Sessions include target presentations that allow industry experts, service and product providers to showcase their knowledge and provide opportunities for participants who have specific areas of interest. Targeted Presentations often include gift handouts, snacks or drinks and an opportunity for specific networking. (this is a complete re-write, Spanish version should also be changed)

Breakout Sessions

First confirmed speakers

Darwin Telemaque
Port Manager
Autoridad Portuaria de Antigua y Barbuda

Eduardo Cerdeira
Executive Terminal Director

Gloria Ines Hurtado Langer
Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association- WISTA COLOMBIA

Olga Lucía Ramírez Duarte
Socia / Partner
Latin America Regional Co-Leader-P3 &Infrastructure

Participating Sponsors

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Confirmed Organizations

Contact information

Isabel Torres
Business development Director
+ 57 301509223
Peter Albert Caimbon
Sales Director
+ 1 7863690900